Paeonian Springs

With its restored Victorian houses and history of it once being a summer retreat for Washingtonians escaping the summer heat, Paeonian Springs’s atmosphere is not that unlike the way it was a 100 years ago. District city dwellers once came by train for the spring waters, which became a “booming industry” for the town. Located within the 45-mile radius of the nation’s capital just off Route 9 outside Leesburg, VA, Paeonian Springs is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The name, of course, adds to the intrigue: it comes from Greek mythology and refers to the gods of medicine in reference to “the reputed medicinal value of the area’s spring water.”

In 1890, the town’s advertisements spoke of its “spring with excellent water, mountain air, and magnificent scenery.” These days, the only two real establishments to be found within the town limits are the Vina 9 Market – known for its live music – and the Chase Run Stable – where horse-riding opportunities (including lessons) are popular pursuits. You’ll find older homes dating back to the 1900’s along side large custom homes in the area that have been built as the growth of Northern Virginia continues westward.

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