Alexandria City

Located less than ten miles south of downtown Washington D.C., Alexandria City replicates the vibrancy of the nation’s capital while preserving a unique history and heritage of its own. Like many suburban centers circling the District, this independent Virginia city also provides a wonderful escape from the hectic pace of its big-time neighbor to the north as well.

With “Old Town” serving as its historic center, Alexandria has evolved into a vibrant tourist destination especially due to its prime location along the Potomac River. But locals are in the know even more. An intricate system of walking trails has been artfully routed through parkland areas and along the banks of the river, contributing to Alexandria’s reputation as one of America’s Best Places to Live.

The city is home to top shopping establishments and virtually all forms of taste and cuisine are represented across its menu of fine restaurants. The most visual landmark within the city is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, which rises high over the city. A wide variety of homes styles and options are available within the downtown limits, many of them situated within walking distances of its premier attractions.

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