Sussex County is Delaware’s furthest south county and home to the super popular beach destinations such as Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach and Fenwich Island. The county has seen significant population growth as more and more people begin to call these seaside resorts home year round. Over the past decade, population growth has exceeded 25%.

Equally as economically important as tourism to the county, the agricultural industry dominates the vistas as you drive into the county headed towards the beachside resorts. Almost half of the county’s land is currently being used towards agriculture with corn, soy beans, and raising chickens leading the list. In fact, Sussex County produces more chicken a year than any other county in the US!

Slowly the number of farmable acres is decreasing as the population continues to grow. If you are looking to purchase a home to enjoy year round or simply a beach retreat during the summer months, each of the beach resorts offer their own unique taste to fall in love with. Furthest south is Fenwich Island, a town only a few blocks long that abuts the largely commercial and built-up Ocean City, MD. As you head north, stop in to see South Bethany, Bethany Beach and North Bethany, each with their own feel. Bethany Beach is known as the quiet resort and popular with families. For many years, the town didn’t even allow alcohol to be served. If you’re looking for more nightlife, head north to Dewey Beach which for many years has been popular with the younger crowd as kids flock to the town on weekends to enjoy live music or one of the five or six well-known beach bars. Next to Dewey Beach is the larger and very popular Rehoboth Beach, well known for it’s boardwalk and Funland which offers rides and games for the little ones.

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