Fenwick Island

As you cross the border heading North from Ocean City, you’ll find Fenwick Island, DE. Blink and you might miss it. This narrow beach town is actually not an island but a peninsula flanked by the Assowoman Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Along Coastal Highway, you’ll find plenty of shops and restaurants that have been favorites for years such as Fenwick Crabhouse, Warren’s Station, Ropewalk, Nantuckets and Fisher’s Popcorn.

Housing options are limited along the coast but housing has expanded westward over the years as communities have popped up with waterfront properties abutting the Assawoman Bay. Head west on Rt. 54 and you’ll find the famous Harpoon Hannas along with Catch 54 which both offer fantastic water views. From there housing options become more plentiful as you’ll find Keenwick Sound before arriving into Selbyville and the super popular community of Bayside.

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